Media Relations

Media Relations

Media relations is one of our core competencies and nobody does it better. CCA views media relations as advocacy journalism. Our media relations work is grounded in journalistic practices, values and skills that produce stories that matter to our audiences—stories that persuade and move people to action. For two decades, CCA has helped clients around the globe plan strategic campaigns, develop creative and effective tactics, conduct proactive outreach, handle incoming media queries, respond to looming or full-blown crises, and manage all aspects of media in the global arena.

Our media relations specialists are second to none. Many of our media specialists previously held positions reporting on business, policy, international development and other matters for the Associated Press, Bloomberg News, The Washington Post, Fox News Channel, Good Morning America and a variety of regional newspapers and magazines. At CCA, media specialists are integrated into account teams, which means that they don't just know media, they also know the specific needs and vulnerabilities of individual clients, as well as the client's business goals.


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