Using Measurement to Demonstrate Engagement

Demonstrating the impact and value of PR is not an easy feat. Measuring influencer engagement requires careful and deliberate tracking as well as analysis but here’s how CCA provided successful engagement with a proprietary communications model.

STOP Obesity Alliance

Public relations programs are increasingly focused on building relationships with stakeholders and influencers, yet measuring these fuzzier, more intangible aspects of public relations has been a challenge. Our solution is the METRIC (Measuring Engagement and TRacking Influencer Communications) Model which measures engagement and tracks the outcomes of influencer communications. The STOP Obesity Alliance – a diverse group with representatives from organizations with a shared mission to evolve the conversation around treating and preventing obesity – sought to demonstrate its success via engagement of key stakeholders. The Alliance put the METRIC Model in place to assess how relationships with member organizations and their activities contributed to the Alliance’s signature objective of shifting how key organizations, policy and health leaders in the U.S. approach obesity. Nearly 90 percent of member organizations engaged with the Alliance mission on every level and more than 65 percent of groups participated across all activity levels; and committee membership increased by 15 percent over the course of the analysis.