Raising Awareness of Meningitis B Vaccination Among Parents of Teens & Young Adults with GSK & Soleil Moon Frye​

The Situation

Continuing the momentum of their successful 2021 launch, GSK wanted to expand the 2022 reach of the Ask2BSure campaign with spokesperson Soleil Moon Frye through innovative, high-profile communications activations, with the goal to educate and empower parents of teens and young adults ages 16 – 23 to start conversations with their teens’ pediatricians about meningitis B vaccination.

Ask2BeSure The Situation

The Insight

Syneos and GSK understood that:​


Many parents are unaware there is a meningitis B vaccination for 16-23-year-olds and that it is different from the meningitis vaccine for serogroups A, C, W and Y that is given at a younger age.​


Even though the decision to vaccinate against meningitis B relies on a discussion between the healthcare provider and parent, not all pediatricians may proactively discuss vaccination with their patients and their parents, so parents need to be armed with information to bring it up during visits. ​


Although uncommon, meningitis is a serious illness that can potentially cause life-threatening complications, or even death. Among those who contract meningitis, 1 in 10 will die, despite appropriate treatment, sometimes even within 24 hours, so it is imperative that those at high risk are vaccinated.​

Our Solution

Armed with these insights, Syneos Health and GSK engaged GSK’s celebrity spokesperson to speak directly to parents through a disease awareness educational n campaign, encouraging parents to “Ask2BSure” and to help parents of teens and young adults understand the potential risks of meningitis B and the importance of discussing vaccination.​

Patient perspectives were also brought to the forefront of the campaign to show the impact that the disease can have on teens and families.

The campaign included educational content shared via the campaign website, social channels, sponsored media content, earned media coverage and an in-person event.​

Ask2BSure Logo

The Impact

Ask2BSure amplified meningitis B vaccination education nationally. The cross-channel approach culminated a total reach of 3B+ through:


reached through earned and integrated media segments, including Good Morning America, LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, The Drew Barrymore Show and Rachael Ray​


garnered from a hosted integrated segment on Good Morning America​


social media impressions, 120+ earned/paid social posts, 100+ live and virtual attendees and 600+ livestream views for Ask2BSure event​


2 media tours reached 300M+ via 2K+ TV, radio and online placements; paid radio segment results in 13 airings with 109M impressions​


impressions from English and Spanish mat release​


impressions with a reach of 178K via organic social media, resulting in 3K clicks to

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