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We are innovative thinkers who understand how to solve the world’s most pressing healthcare communications challenges.

People-First Culture

We are an inclusive, people-first agency, founded on the principle that the best ideas should freely rise to the top. This mentality of kindness and respect extends beyond our teams – to the patients, clients, advocacy groups, and HCPs we partner with.

By staying attuned to the impactful, yet often overlooked details, we leave a lasting impression.

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Focused on the Big Little Things

We wholeheartedly believe in taking a human approach to our client partnerships and the work we do together. Our enthusiasm for capturing intricate details is at the heart of how we show up for our clients and transform the hearts and minds of their communities.

Today, CCA is synonymous with creative, trailblazing, first-in-class initiatives that drive true emotion and behavior change.

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Cultivating Trusted Relationships

At CCA, we place our people first and many of our team members have built life-long careers here. We continually nurture the next generation of public relations professionals and seek new talent to grow our team.

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