Meg Alexander
Meg Alexander, Issues Management

How can you price medicines today to maximize patient access, keep your reputation intact, and stay in business?

Today, “price gouging” and “greed” are hyperbolic terms used to describe prescription drug prices. Three out of four Americans are expressing concerns about the high price of prescription drugs, and — rightly or wrongly — are blaming manufacturers for the lack of affordability. Breakthrough medicines are reaching the market, but are met by skepticism from payers, physicians and patients who question value relative to cost. It is clear that traditional approaches to demonstrating value are no longer working.

We believe in the need for breakthrough medicines — today and tomorrow. Our suite of Value Promotion & Protection services are designed to help biopharma companies navigate the tempestuous environment of drug pricing while protecting their reputation and maximizing patient access to the medicines they need. Starting in late Phase II and early Phase III, our expert counselors help build stakeholders’ expectations for value and availability in the runway to the marketplace. We help discover, develop and communicate the deep value that our clients bring to the patients and families they serve — in terms that matter to them — including the innovation of new medicines, support services, disease understanding and much more. CCA’s risk mitigation services help brands scenario plan for third-party actions that can undermine a medicine’s value such as reviews by groups, like the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review, policymakers and more.


In a world where real-time isn’t even fast enough, how are you encouraging clients to reach consumers?