Heather Gartman
Heather Gartman Regional Managing Director, CCA DC

How does the patient voice matter in drug development?

We believe the patient voice is essential in clinical development. In our recent advocacy report, patient groups expressed a desire to be involved earlier in the design and monitoring of clinical trials. Patients can help pharma develop trial protocols that result in fewer amendments, simplify informed consent forms, and provide patient reported outcomes that can smooth the way to approval and coverage. In the area of rare disease, trials designed with input from patient groups are more likely to reach completion cost effectively, with less patient drop out. By including patients, protocols better reflect real-world patient settings.

It makes little sense to design a drug that people will put in their body without asking the patient what they want. Consumer manufacturers would never design a product without talking to their targeted buyer, why should healthcare?


Can we really motivate people to embrace change while feeling valued and heard?