Chris Iafolla
Chris Iafolla Social & Digital Strategy

Don’t you just need a Facebook strategy to be social?

Maybe. Being “social” is not just about a channel – it’s about a way of engaging with your stakeholders in a way that is timely, relevant and adds value to a community. You would never barge into a party and start talking solely about yourself, you would take the time to listen and engage in a relevant conversation. That is the core of being “social.” It is a way of addressing a person’s needs on his/her own terms. This involves taking the complex language of science and medicine and making it meaningful to an individual wherever they are, online or offline.

To be truly social, you first have to understand the community, where they are engaged and on what terms. That might mean creating an approach for engaging on Facebook but it might involve other channels. Facebook is a channel, not a strategy.


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