Bryan Blatstein
Bryan Blatstein Media Relations

In a world where real-time isn’t even fast enough, how are you encouraging clients to reach consumers?

Too often in this media environment, speed is a priority over thoughtfulness; I counsel the opposite every time.

With Twitter, Instagram and other social channels, consumers can be talking about your news before you’ve had the chance to frame your story, and that’s just a fact of the time. The truth is that we can only be so vigilant and there will always be leaks that may cause a client’s story to get out to consumers before we even understand the situation. However, what remains in our power is the development of the tone and tenor with which we ultimately frame the story and communicate to our consumers. I encourage clients to prioritize thoughtfulness over speed, and to take a step back during the crazy times to make sure that how we’re reaching the consumer is from a thoughtful and genuine place. Because the truth is that even though time is of great essence, you only get one chance to frame your story. No matter how or when your story is disseminated, regardless of channel, what will ultimately resonate is the message. It’s what will loom large and live online in perpetuity; the timestamp will be a mere footnote.


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