Advocacy Relations

Our relationships in the healthcare and health policy arenas are vast and deep. We currently manage and lead multiple coalitions comprised of key players in the healthcare field, including medical specialty societies and other provider organizations, trade associations, patient advocacy groups, not-for-profit foundations and many others. In addition, we have developed strong relationships over many years with organizations and individuals with whom we might partner or from whom we can seek counsel. Because we focus exclusively on healthcare and health policy, these key thought leaders know and trust CCA. And our clients are the beneficiaries of that trust.

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Corporate Communications

We see a "corporate brand" as a collective set of impressions from all your stakeholders. As part of the inVentiv Health Public Relations Group, we work with our specialty corporate division, the corporate communications practice, to help clients align corporate messages with smart strategies and creative tactics to influence those key stakeholders. Our corporate communications practice has a profound understanding of the healthcare marketplace by staying abreast of trends in healthcare regulatory policy, shifts in popular culture and changes in public perception — all of which help provide counsel that directly impacts clients' businesses. We understand what motivates and persuades clients' most relevant audiences, have extensive experience in successfully communicating to key influencers, industry analysts, investors, scientists, physicians and influential third-party organizations, as well as a company's most important audience, its employees.

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Data Communications

Data communications is truly the "bread and butter" of CCA's day-to-day work supporting our healthcare clients, whether it's the presentation of data at medical meetings or the publication of data in a peer-reviewed journal. Critical to the success of data communications is fully understanding the data and placing it in the proper context among key audiences. Across the board, our clients rely on us to review the data with them, understand the strategic implications, develop the communications strategy and the messaging, and flawlessly execute a targeted plan, often in a highly competitive environment.

In addition to our teams of communications experts, CCA has scientific experts on staff who play a crucial role in the development of our strategies and in ensuring that materials supporting those strategies are scientifically valid and able to pass legal and regulatory scrutiny. Our clients frequently involve our scientific experts in the unblinding of new data to ensure that the communications perspective is represented early.

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The visual representation of a brand is critical to establishing identity and maximizing the brand's visibility. As a part of the inVentiv Health Public Relations Group, CCA works with inVentiv Creative Studios, our in-house design agency built on the creative strength of our designers, writers, developers and brand ambassadors. At inVentiv Creative Studios, the team understands the power in branding identity and can create a range of style and tone, from classic and conservative to innovative and cutting-edge; designs that are structured by the brand and couple creative thinking with boundless imagination. Together with inVentiv Creative Studios, CCA provides strategy on the best way to create brand visibility and successfully execute each project in line with the overarching vision.

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Digital and Social Media

Digital and social channels are becoming impossible to ignore for patients, doctors, providers and anyone accessing the vast landscape of health and wellness today. CCA is breaking new ground in the development of digital and social media strategies and content. Our deep experience in traditional healthcare communications and commitment to excellence informs our understanding of digital and social media trends and how they can be appropriately leveraged and executed for pharmaceutical companies. Our teams work closely with our in-house digital experts to monitor new technologies and trends, relevant regulatory developments (like FDA letters, or notices of violation relating to digital initiatives, etc.). Equally important, we have developed extensive experience in working with internal medical, legal and regulatory review teams to develop executable, high-impact digital and social media initiatives. This approach ensures our recommendations are strategic, balanced, informed and achievable.

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Disease Awareness

Since our founding days, clients have come to CCA to create and execute compelling disease awareness initiatives that engage patients, caregivers and other important audiences. From large, national public education campaigns showcased by high-profile media, to local community events that bring education out of the clinical setting and into people's backyards, CCA delivers programs that educate people about their conditions in a way that's meaningful and relevant.

Chandler Chicco staff members have extensive experience in creating and executing a variety of health education and disease awareness campaigns in areas such as obesity, heart disease, hypertension, depression, diabetes, prostate cancer, hand washing, HIV/AIDS, asthma and allergies, infectious disease, pain, arthritis, psoriasis, dermatology, eye care, cystic fibrosis and movement disorders.

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Internal Communications

Employees that believe in the company they work for are paramount to success as their perspectives extend to others. They are a company's best ambassadors. Therefore, it is critical that employees believe and trust in leadership and understand a company's vision so they can truly embrace and live the culture, helping make a company successful.

CCA is uniquely positioned to help its clients with internal communications because we know employees are the backbone of a company, its foundation for success. We've worked extensively in areas from merger communications to change management. We have been on-site serving as an extension to our clients' teams, absorbing their culture, and developing and executing employee engagement campaigns. We also support leadership with internal visibility plans and trainings to engage in a more effective dialogue with employees. Our team of internal communications specialists counsel clients on navigating change and building the right communications programs to engage and inspire employees.

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Issues Management

Issues management, reputation management and crisis communications are critical components of any well-planned campaign. As a leading healthcare communications agency, we have handled some of the industry's toughest, and in some cases, most highly visible issues. Our work has included issues related to clinical data, change or delay in regulatory status, product recall, activist pressure on corporate activities (pricing and patents), side effects and label changes. While our approach to crisis communications and issues management differs depending on the crisis or issue at hand, our goal is to always protect and preserve our client's reputation.

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KOL and Spokesperson Preparation

Messages are only as effective as the delivery of those messages. Media and presentation training are essential in ensuring KOLs and spokespeople are both comfortable with the agreed-upon messages and practiced in their effective delivery. Working closely with our clients, we are continually engaged in:

  • Preparing corporate spokespeople to convey key messages or to manage/address notable issues
  • Helping our clients prepare senior executives to deliver corporate value and vision messages
  • Working with external spokespeople (celebrities, physicians, patients/families, representatives of third-party groups, etc.) to hone their skills in preparation for visible media or public speaking platforms

CCA has several seasoned media trainers on staff whose experience ranges from celebrity patient education campaigns to data presentation at medical meetings and congressional testimony.

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Media Relations

Media relations is one of our core competencies and nobody does it better. CCA views media relations as advocacy journalism. Our media relations work is grounded in journalistic practices, values and skills that produce stories that matter to our audiences; stories that persuade and move people to action. For more than 15 years, CCA has helped clients around the globe plan strategic campaigns, develop creative and effective tactics, conduct proactive outreach, handle incoming media queries, respond to looming or full-blown crises, and manage all aspects of media in the global arena.

Our media relations specialists are second to none. Many of our media specialists previously held positions reporting on business, policy, international development and other matters for the Associated Press, Bloomberg News, Knight-Ridder, The Washington Post, Fox News Channel, Good Morning America and a variety of regional newspapers and magazines. At CCA, media specialists are integrated into account teams, which means that they don't just know media, they also know the specific needs and vulnerabilities of individual clients, as well as the client's business goals.

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Measurement is a critical part of every project. As part of the inVentiv Health Public Relations Group, CCA works closely with its in-house research arm, our research and analytics practice, a strategic research group focused on using research at every level of the communications process from insights to program development to evaluation. When determining how best to measure communications programs, the research and analytics practice approach to measurement and evaluation is 360°. Not only does the agency look at the output of communications efforts, it also incorporates measures of the outcomes to understand how communications moved the needle and drove the target audience to action. The team then brings the learnings full circle to refine the programs, leverage the strengths and develop best practices. Our research and analytics practice has particular expertise in conducting journalist audits, media content analysis, measurement and evaluation, stakeholder research and survey research.

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Medical Communications

Our clients are facing increased pressure to differentiate their products and services. For healthcare professional and payer audiences, this often means the need for our clients to demonstrate value "beyond pills." Our expertise in building partnerships and collaborative programs with clinical and payer professionals stretch across multiple disease areas and markets. Our hallmark is membership-based, enduring programs that are built on shared objectives. It is these programs, some of which span more than four years, that drive positive reputation for our clients and form the basis of practice and environment shaping activities, from improved diagnosis and treatment guidelines to service redesign. Our expertise and approach combines market access and medical communications to ensure initiatives are developed with a deep understanding of the customer need and a robust, evidence-based approach. With a diverse team across science, health economics, marketing and medical disciplines, we match PhD-level technical expertise and stakeholder relations to bring smart, relevant solutions and flawless delivery to every client partner.

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Public Affairs

CCA takes a comprehensive, full-circle view of the business, media and policy climates to develop integrated public affairs initiatives. Our partnership with Mehlman Vogel Castagnetti, a prominent, bipartisan government relations firm in Washington, DC, brings together a team of policy and communications specialists with in-depth expertise and understanding of healthcare issues, grassroots advocacy, alliance development, media relations and government affairs. The CCA team knows how to reach health policy influencers, has the experience to engage key constituencies, and understands how to work seamlessly with government relations teams.

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