From the beginning, we've eschewed template solutions in favor of proprietary approaches that can be tailored for each client. Hundreds of industry awards later, we're still developing innovative ways to help clients communicate about their products like never before.

We've developed methods for each stage of campaign development, from planning and execution to measurement and evaluation. Here is a sampling:

Message and Positioning Sessions

Engaging, interactive workshops that bring together a diverse group of content owners within an organization to collaboratively create and build consensus around core messaging and/or brand/corporate positioning.

Stakeholder Mapping

A proprietary approach to strategically identify, organize, analyze and prioritize key relationships, helping clients better engage and mobilize stakeholders relevant to communications and business objectives.


The study of how interactivity takes place within a given community; how people and anchors (providers, schools, etc.) are interacting and the impact on communities' overall feelings of success and optimism.


An exciting means of communicating with consumer and professional audiences through drama. The unique, theater-based projects are designed to capture and convey the emotional aspects of a disease area and support key product messages.


The practice of marrying accurate health and disease information with cultural and heritage considerations to motivate consumers.

360 Doctor

A dynamic training model for doctors that enhances the mutual relationship between the physician and the pharmaceutical company. The ongoing program maximizes the investment put into the key opinion leader relationship and broadens KOL communication skills and potential.


In an age when both the message and the medium are of equal importance, a Viractive™ approach ensures that the audience is able to experience and be part of the message we're delivering.


A proprietary tool analyzing positive to negative message ratio as an indicator to establish the optimal media environment to generate sales, favorable perceptions or attitudes, manage issues and track reputation drivers.


A breakthrough model that provides a method to evaluate success and demonstrate the value of PR efforts in establishing and building relationships, particularly in a public affairs or issues management scenario.

PAR Analysis

An analysis technique that assesses communications by a brand and its core competitor set on three levels — Presence, Attributes and Resonance — to uncover key themes and reveal opportunities for brand differentiation.

R.A.D.A.R. (Review and Analysis of Digital Assets in Realtime)

A comprehensive assessment of digital and social assets for your brand and competitors. Our research typically explores digital and social media channels, unique technology, programs and tools, as well as a comprehensive look at online conversation in forums and on blogs. Each assessment is complemented by a strategic analysis of conversation, unmet needs and technical feedback.