Our "no walls, no titles" philosophy was founded on the belief that employees at all levels can — and should — contribute to the success of the agency. We removed walls — both literal and figurative — and titles to foster a creative and collaborative environment where employees regardless of tenure or experience can work together to deliver the best work for clients.

The types of people who thrive in this environment are entrepreneurial, proactive and collaborative. They are the ones who aren't afraid to take calculated risks or to voice their ideas and opinions. People who are willing to dig in and get their hands dirty, no matter their level, are the ones who shine at CCA.

There's no doubt that a title-less culture requires adjustment for many people. That's why our Talent Management team works with employees from day one to develop customized training and development plans and personalized goals to ensure that the lack of title doesn't mean a lack of growth. Development guides are offered for junior and mid-level staff so that experience milestones and expectations are made clear as they seek to advance within the agency.

At CCA, we also encourage employees to set their own individual paths for growth. If an employee has interest or expertise in a specific area, they have the opportunity to grow that offering and put that talent to work for both colleagues and clients.

A robust training and development program, called Phase IV, as well as our Sounding Board mentoring program ensure employees continue to grow and advance in their careers.

While a science or healthcare background is certainly beneficial, it is not mandatory. We also welcome candidates that may not have straight public relations experience, but can add value to our team with their unique perspectives gained from varied professional backgrounds. For instance, on staff at CCA we have a former attorney, a PhD in nutrition who teaches at New York University, former bench scientists, and employees from industries spanning from market research to arts and music.

What is required to become a member of the CCA team is a passion for healthcare and a willingness to learn, contribute and make a positive impact through the work we do, day in and day out.

With a rotating schedule of workshops offered nearly every week, CCA's Phase IV Training Program provides some of the best learning opportunities in the industry. Our professional development curriculum aims to keep staff up-to-date on all relevant industry trends, as well as provide them the best tools for professional growth. Training courses include classes on writing style and media pitching skills, team building seminars, FDA and EU regulatory updates, creativity and brainstorming skills courses and much more.

As a consistent Best Agency to Work For on The Holmes Report's annual list, we continue to demonstrate our dedication to our employees' job satisfaction and healthy work-life balance with our much-discussed employee perks. CCA knows its most important asset is its employees, so we are dedicated to providing a fun, flexible, employee- and community-focused work environment. Our wellness program allows employees to take a deep breath (literally!) with yoga classes, cardio boot camp sessions, as well as monthly activities such as nutrition demonstrations and global Wii competitions. CCA's culture team consistently offers up fun and unique culture activities such as an annual bake-off, wine tastings, weekly bagel breakfasts, happy hours and more. Our CCA Gives Back program allows our staff to give back to the community through various efforts throughout the year. Among our many CSR efforts, we partner with local schools to mentor students on a monthly basis, sponsor blood drives, create sandwiches for the homeless, and raise money for various needs.

We are always interested in seeing enthusiastic and entrepreneurial candidates who want to join our team. To submit your resume or inquire about open positions in the US, email alyssa.ackerman@inventivhealth.com; outside of the US, please email Jo Lawson at j.lawson@cca-uk.com.